About Twisted Jewellery Creations

My Story

Hey there thanks for stopping by to check out my website!

Twisted Jewellery Creations was started back in 2007 with a passion for creating jewellery.
Specialising in Personalised Handstamped Jewellery, each piece is created by me the owner & founder, with each piece lovingly handcrafted especially for you.

I have always had a love for jewellery and lots of crafty activities right from when I was a child. One day I ah overheard someone say they make jewellery, that was something I had not considered. I started searching for how I could get into making my own. There wasn't much on the internet when I started looking however I stumbled across a bead shop while going to a fudge shop my mum had told me about to get fudge for my hubby.

While I started out with beads it wasn't long before I started looking into how I could make gold or silver jewellery. After learning some basic skills with a silversmith I was creating silver jewellery which lead to hand stamped jewellery.

All Twisted Jewellery Creations are made in studio at TJC HQ located in QLD Australia. Each letter is stamped individually by hand onto your creation. This means that no two pieces will be exactly the same. There will be variations in letter depth and position of the letters, this just adds to the uniqueness of your hand stamped keepsake.
I love making as much as I can from start to finish, I also love a challenge and have a few customers that put my skills to the test. Those pieces are the most fun to make.

I look forward to creating your personalised keepsake jewellery!